Duvall is the town where I make my home!  I have lived in Duvall for over 20 years, have always enjoyed it.  It is small rural town in the Snoqualmie Valley in Washington State.  It lies on the east side of the Snoqualmie Valley, about 10 miles north of the town of Carnation (named after Carnation Milk) and about 8 miles south of Monroe (US Hwy 2).  The Cascade Mountains sit just “behind” Duvall to the east in this image.  The rive you see in the image is the Snoqualmie River, which does flow by Duvall and flow from right to left in the image (yes, the river bends and is not in the image in the center).  In the Snoqualmie Valley we frequently get fog in the morning and this image was taken just as the fog was burning off, and for all the drone pilots out there, yes I maintained appropriate cloud clearances as this was in Class G and the requirement is “Clear of Clouds.”  On the left part of the image the bridge you see going into town is the Woodinville-Duvall Road Bridge, which is one of the main ways to get to Duvall from the west, and when the river floods, it is the only way to get to Duvall from the west.  This image was taken from over McCormick Park in Duvall and looks east toward the Cascade Mountains.  

Not only is this image a Composite Panorama, it is an HDR Composite Panorama.  HDR stands for “High Dynamic Range”, and HDR images allow you to see more detail in the shadows (darker areas) with out “blowing out” (overexposing) the highlights (bright areas).  For each frame in the panorama, five images were taken in varying exposures from under exposed to property exposed to over exposed.  Those five images are then combined to make a single frame to be used in the panorama.  This panorama consists of 20 frames that were stitched together to form the entire image.  That means there were 100 images used to create this image!  Resolution of the source image is 12508 x 3342.

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While the print is NOT part of a limited edition, all prints come signed and numbered by the photographer (typically on the back) and come with a Certificate of Authenticity. 

This piece was on display at PhysioCare Physical Therapy in Duvall, WA as a 7″ x 30″ Glossy Silver Metal Print from February 2022 through May 2022.

This piece was on display at Duvall Advanced Family Eye Care in Duvall, WA as a 7″ x 30″ Glossy Silver Metal Print from January 2023 through March 2023.