Mt St Helens is an iconic mountain of the Pacific Northwest.  Visiting the Mt St Helens National Volcanic Monument (it is not a national park) is fascinating and will leave you in wonder.  While Mt St Helens became famous over 40 years ago when it “blew its top” in May 1980 and caused devastation for miles and caused the surrounding landscape to look something like the moon, today when you walk through the area you can see how resilient and persistent Mother Nature really is.  As you walk along the trails in the area you not only see the devastation from the 1980 eruption, but you see how the plant and animal life is returning to the area.  This image was taken along a trail to the east of the Johnston Ridge Observatory, and the log you see in the image was a log that was blown down in the 1980 eruption.  Interesting thing you will notice about all the blown down trees in the area when you visit, is they all point in the same direction, which tells you how much power was in the eruption as for that to happen they had to be blown down suddenly and very quickly, and this type of blow down happened for miles.  After the eruption in 1980, the National Volcanic Monument they made the decision to not interfere or help plants and animals return to the area and let things evolve and progress as nature intends.  So, what you see is truly Mother Nature’s work, and it is amazing and astounding to see. Resolution of the source image is 2336 x 3504.

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This piece was on display at PhysioCare Physical Therapy in Duvall, WA as an 18″ x 12″ Satin Silver Metal Print from February 2022 through May 2022.

This piece was on display at Duvall Advanced Family Eye Care in Duvall, WA as an 18″ x 12″ Satin Silver Metal Print from January 2023 through March 2023.